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PROSYST is an accredited
training body, No. 31.92.05556.59

Entry of electrical layouts, terminal strips for the automatic system.
Entry of the operating elements.
Librairy of generic models that can be expanded upon at will.
Validation of the model thanks to in-house simulation with Grafcet.
Connection to the automatic systems for testing and acceptance.
Ranges of automatic systems.
Insertion of traps and sensor faults.
Recording of test scenarios.
Accelerated aging of the automatic system's program.



We organise regular training courses to assist you in using SIMAC.

SIMAC training course programmes available in PDF format

2.5-day course (86 ko)

To train and make future users self-sufficient in developing and using the SIMAC operational simulation software.

1-day course (84 ko)

To train automation technicians in using SIMAC for finalising automatic systems programs on a platform.

Download ACROBAT Reader here free of charge

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