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SIMAC serves to construct a virtual automated machine.
The applications for this method are many and varied. The constraints of time and space have been brought under control. Risks in terms of personal injury and damage to property have been eliminated

SIMAC enables:

Training and management of your operators' expertise both before and during commissioning of the production equipment.
Reduction in the time for commissioning an industrial installation on site.
Improvement in the maximum number of checking / control systems and operator interfaces when testing all the scenarios, even dangerous and destructive ones.

An improvement in the quality of your automatic system's application
Machines and/or sites not yet in existence or remote from the development location
Design studio tests:

Minimum equipment architecture,
Better working conditions for the automation technician.
Virtual machine 100% available.
More time for finalisation.
Destructive testing.
Outside the workshop environment (noise, disruptions to production, various breakdowns on site).

Enables dangerous processes to be tested completely.
(acids, explosives, toxic products, etc.)
Increase in the quality of the automatic system's application.
Savings on commissioning time on site.
Early validation of the control program.
Communication, validation and training tools
Furthers communication between the various bodies:
  the mechanical engineer, the electrician, the automation technician and the customer.
The simulation can reveal the presence of inaccuracies in the specifications:
  The apparition of unforeseen phenomena, different interpretations of the specifications according to the personnel involved, certain technical characteristics of the machine "neglected" initially.
Revelation of anomalies in the design folder.
Operator and maintenance personnel training can start earlier and in greater depth.
The machine is put into production earlier and the operators have greater expertise.

SIMAC's technical specifications Link to SIMAC's technical specifications

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