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PROSYST is an accredited
training body, No. 31.92.05556.59
Training in a rapid grasp of the installations by the operators to ensure production with an optimum level of performance.
Offer of the capability of training operators to react to different
types of breakdowns, to learn the different operating modes, to handle critical situations, etc.
Furthermore, for new installations, our simulator training
can be integrated fully and totally coherently into the automation project.

We therefore have modular training platforms
capable of representing a real virtual factory.
Getting to know industrial installations by means of virtual machines.
Easy presentation of real installations matching the actual machine for training all personnel: automation technicians, mechanical engineers, robotics engineers, operators, etc.
Training of future operators on a virtual machine.
Availability of fully trained operators and/or maintenance technicians capable of handling their installations from first start-up.
Offer of a new environment and new capabilities.
This innovative training process enables:

> Off-site training on a simulator in an advantageously peaceful

> Reproduction of numerous scenarios without the risk of anything
    breaking or production being disrupted,

> Use of a simulator capable of reproducing an excellent perception
   of reality at reduced simulation cost,

> Easy, objective assessment of the trainees' abilities,

> Repeat viewing of critical sequences: trainees can review their own

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