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PROSYST is an accredited
training body, No. 31.92.05556.59



A large number of specialist bodies provide basic technical training (electrical engineering, automation, industrial computer science, etc.) and training on the associated production tools...

But companies find that these do not provide a real grasp of their own installations.

In fact, with the current approaches, it is difficult to learn
a variety of processes and requirements at reasonable cost.

On the other hand:
  • Safety requirements are increasing,
  • The time scales for achieving full production become shorter and shorter:"Efficiency is required immediately!"
  • Staff turnovers must be provided for and handled - indeed, together with recourse to sub-contracting,
  • First level maintenance takes up more and more of the operator's time...
Therefore, only an innovation such as simulator training can provide a solution to these thorny problems.

Sectors concerned:

> SEVESO Sites
> Chemicals/Petroleum
> Automobile
> Food industry
> Monitoring and supervision
> Training tools

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