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use AIDIAG and AIDMAP II products.
It allows to record all Inputs/Outputs evolution of an automation system
- In continuous.
- On a timing band.
- By request or on event.

The user obtain a graphic representation in the form of flow charts for subsequent analysis of installation behaviour, for :

:: Controller adjustment and setting.
:: Functional "signature" and restart.
:: Diagnosis and examination of all drift or variation.

  AIDIAG record directly the evolution on the PLC bus communication.

AIDIAG is a programmable card which records, with a 10 millisecond precision, the Input/Output variations of an automatic device.

AIDIAGcan also store variations and provide a reference recording which is then used as a comparison base to detect and analyse drift.The AIDIAG card is extremely simple to use, and is a significant development for automated machine recording and diagnosis.

exists under different versions:
- AIDIAG PREMIUM for all Premium's PLC.
- AIDIAG for all other PLC.

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With AIDMAP II software, you have a complete platform for automative device debuging.

  AIDMAP II is a software for debuging help. It run in Windows operative system.

AIDMAP II is a powerful software which can help you to maintain yours means of production.

II is an OPC client, so is hardware independant. In few minutes, it displays a faithful representation of the installation activity. So, you can record it, analyse it...

From recording
- You can find very quickly the working hazards.
- You can calculate precisely the machine performance.
- Or define a planning checkpoint.

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