Modeling of a furnace and simulation on Quantum Unity in three weeks in Argentina
During a revamping project of a furnace automatism of a steel industry plant, the executives of ACINDAR facility, ARCELOR subsidiary in Argentina, decided to use a SIMAC simulation.
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Eiffel Tower
During a project, realized by Schneider Electric, of renovation of a lift automatism from the Eiffel Tower East pillar in Paris, Prosyst used its operative part simulation software SIMAC...
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ICAM Nantes
To optimize training to SIMAC, an operative part simulation software, Prosyst organized a remote training session with the teachers and engineers students of the Nantes ICAM. It is simply through an Internet link that Prosyst trainers from Marly, in the North of France, displayed their training support into Nantes ICA...
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Stolt Offshore
During the conception of a new off shore barge which implements multi tons pipe-lines at more than 800 m deep into the sea, off the African shore, the operative part simulation software SIMAC is used by the automation engineers from Stolt Offshore to set the PLC programs up in Nanterre or La Rochelle in France.
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Aéroports de Paris (Paris Airport)
To periodically edit lawful safety indicators, and improve luggage sorting maintenance and operations, Paris airport has started to implement the AIDIAG Premium module in its new version, with 128 Mb "black box"...

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DCN Lorient
As part of DCN Lorient's DELTA project, PROSYST and SCHNEIDER Electric are proposing to study, prepare and implement a simulation platform based on PROSYST's SIMAC and AIDMAP II products with a view to finalising all the checking & control systems for the on-board equipment.